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Brussels Food & Drink Guide

Famous for its unique historical texture and diversity, Brussels is also a city with many options when it comes to food and drink. In this guide, you will discover the local delicacies and must-taste spots to discover in Brussels. If you are traveling to Brussels, it is useful to have information about these restaurants and cafes. You can find the answers to the questions of what to eat and where to eat in Brussels in this article and take a look at our recommendations to enjoy the local cuisine.

Brussels Food & Drink Guide

It is the capital of Belgium and is also known as the center of the European Union. For this reason, the city has a wide variety of dining options. In this Eating and Drinking Guide, we will give you a few tips on the best restaurants, cafes and bars in the city.

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of Temek is Belgium’s famous waffles. Waffles are a dessert that you can find almost everywhere in the city. Served with fresh fruits, chocolate sauce or ice cream, this delicious snack is a must-try icon.

Another delicacy you can try is mussels and French fries, also known as “moules-frites”. Many restaurants serve fresh mussels with various sauces (usually white wine, garlic and butter). This delicious seafood dish should be accompanied by a glass of local beer.

What to Eat

It is famous as the capital of Belgium and the largest city in the country. This city offers a variety of dining options along with its historical and cultural heritage. It has a rich culinary culture of restaurants, cafes and street food. In this article I will give you a guide on what to eat.

Belgian cuisine is usually known for its delicious chocolates, various cheeses and of course the famous Belgian waffles. However, its cuisine is not only limited to these flavors. It is considered one of the gastronomic capitals of Europe and is home to many restaurants with world-renowned chefs. These restaurants serve traditional Belgian dishes as well as international cuisine.

First of all, visitors should try the famous Belgian waffles. This delicious pastry is usually served with various sauces and fruits. Another popular dessert option is the variety of chocolates you can buy in the chocolate shops. Belgium is home to world-famous chocolate brands and offers many options for chocolate lovers.

Another important dish of Belgian cuisine is Belgian fries. This delicious snack can be found in friterias on the streets of Brussels. Freshly cut potatoes are fried until golden brown and then served with various sauces.

For meat lovers, there is a dish called stoemp. This is a meat dish made with mashed potatoes and vegetables. A traditional dish in Brussels, stoemp is usually served with sausage, beef or pork.

Other popular delicacies in Brussels include seafood, a selection of fresh fruit and Belgium’s famous beer. Seafood restaurants offer a variety of dishes made from fresh seafood. Brussels is also famous for its beers. You can try a variety of local beers and taste these delicious drinks.

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