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Antalya Aquarium is famous as one of the largest aquarium complexes in Turkey. This aquarium, which houses many different marine creatures, is designed to give visitors an unforgettable experience. Antalya Aquarium, one of the most popular tourist attractions in Antalya, attracts the attention of both local and foreign tourists.

There are many different types of sea creatures you can see in Antalya Aquarium. As well as colorful fish, more unusual species are also on display, such as sea turtles, eels, sharks and even stingrays. Allowing these creatures to live as close to their natural habitat as possible, Antalya Aquarium offers its visitors a real undersea adventure.

One of the most interesting parts of Antalya Aquarium is the tunnel that is 131 meters long and 3 meters wide. By walking through this tunnel, you can come into close contact with a shark or other sea creatures passing over you. This experience offers an opportunity to take unforgettable photos. There is also a special children's area with interactive games and fun activities for children.

  • It would be very exciting to see sea creatures up close in the tunnel section.

The best time to visit Antalya Aquarium is in the morning because it can get more crowded in the afternoon. Additionally, since weekends and holiday periods can be busier, going early may provide the opportunity to tour for a longer time.

When visiting Antalya Aquarium, you may need to pay a separate fee to participate in extra events in addition to general entrance fees. It is also important to make separate reservations for experiences such as tunnel tours or underwater walks.

If you want to have an unforgettable undersea adventure at the Antalya Aquarium and examine various marine creatures closely, you should definitely organize a visit to this wonderful place!

About Antalya Aquarium

Antalya Aquarium is one of the largest aquariums in Turkey. This magnificent facility is located right next to Konyaaltı Beach in Antalya city. You can see thousands of sea creatures that will fascinate you in 40 different thematic aquariums located in different regions.

Visitors can come to Antalya Aquarium and discover the fascinating beauties of the underwater world. By examining the creatures in the aquarium, they have the opportunity to get to know many different species living in the water. You can also bring your kids and experience a great way to teach them the secrets of nature.

This unique experience is not limited to just seeing living creatures. Antalya Aquarium offers visitors a range of activities and interactive areas in which they can participate. For example, you can attend feeding events for children and adults or attend presentations to learn about underwater plants and ecosystems.

  • Sea creatures in the aquarium include colorful corals, tropical fish, giant sea turtles and sharks.
  • Antalya Aquarium is also known as a special facility that offers Turkey's first aquarium to its guests.
  • The 131-meter tunnel inside the aquarium offers visitors a unique underwater experience.
Antalya Aquarium Visiting Hours

Antalya Aquarium is a fascinating marine life exhibit located on Akvaryum Street. It offers visitors a unique experience that offers them the opportunity to explore a variety of aquatic creatures deep in the seas. It is a must-see for anyone traveling to Antalya.

The best time to visit this magnificent aquarium is between 09:30 and 20:00 every day of the week. Whether you want to come in the morning and spend your day in the fascinating atmosphere of the aquarium, or want to visit the aquarium in the evening after a nice dinner, Antalya Aquarium visiting hours offer you this flexibility. They are waiting for you to have a wonderful experience at any hour.


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