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Aydos Recreation Area is one of the most popular nature areas in Istanbul. This natural beauty attracts both local and foreign tourists. Aydos Recreation Area attracts its visitors with its rich history, natural structure and many activity opportunities. A perfect escape for nature lovers, Aydos Recreation Area offers many activities such as picnic areas, hiking trails and outdoor sports.

It also attracts attention with its historical texture. This natural area bears the traces of many civilizations from the past to the present. The promenade, which has made a name for itself with its rich flora and fauna diversity, welcomes thousands of visitors every season. It is an excellent option for those who want to get away from the crowded city life of Istanbul and get fresh air.

History of Aydos Recreation Area

It is a place that stands out with the natural beauties of Istanbul and offers its visitors the opportunity to have a pleasant time. Looking at the history of this region, it is seen that it dates back to the Ottoman period. The history of this promenade located at the foot of Aydos Mountain bears the traces of many civilizations.

The historical richness of the promenade attracts the attention of those who visit here. Having a picnic and enjoying nature in a promenade with a historical texture next to Istanbul gives visitors unforgettable memories.

Where is Aydos Recreation Area?

It is an important destination among the natural beauties of Istanbul. It is a place preferred by those who want to spend a peaceful day in greenery, away from the noise of the city. However, it is important to have information about transportation to Mesire Yeri in order to enjoy these beauties.

We will provide an informative guide for those who are looking for the answer to the question of where the Promenade is. Aydos Recreation Area is located in Aydos Forest of Sarıyer district. It is very easy to reach this beautiful promenade on the Anatolian side of Istanbul.

Those who want to use a private car to reach the promenade can follow the signs of the promenade by using the TEM highway, one of the main streets of the city. Another option is to reach Aydos Recreation Area by public transportation. You can easily reach the recreation area by buses and minibuses departing from different points of Istanbul.

Aydos Recreation Area Activities

It is one of the places famous for the natural beauties of Istanbul and preferred by those who want to get out of the city. Known for its quiet and peaceful environment, Aydos Recreation Area offers many different activities to its visitors.

Visitors to the promenade can take a nature walk, have a picnic or organize barbecue parties. This promenade, which also has the opportunity to ride bicycles, also has fitness equipment for those who like to do sports.

In addition, you can spend a pleasant time fishing in the ponds in the promenade and have fun in the playgrounds for children. In addition, you can have a pleasant time with your loved ones in the cafeterias located in the promenade and collect unforgettable memories by watching the sunset.

Aydos Recreation Area Visitor Profile

It has an important place among the natural beauties of Istanbul. This place, which is intertwined with nature, is preferred by thousands of visitors every year. Aydos Recreation Area, which is usually flooded by families and nature lovers on weekends, hosts different visitor profiles.

Those who love hiking can enjoy nature here on long hiking trails. There are also fitness areas and sports fields, so athletes are also frequent visitors. Families prefer Aydos Recreation Area because they have the opportunity to have a picnic with their children. There are also children's playgrounds and barbecue areas.

Aydos Recreation Area Travel Guide

It is a recreation area located on the Anatolian side of Istanbul and attracts attention with its natural beauties. It is an ideal place for those who want to get away from the chaos of the city and spend time in touch with nature. Aydos Recreation Area offers visitors many nature activities and recreation opportunities.

Transportation to the Recreation Area is very easy. It can be easily reached by public transportation and private vehicles departing from different points of Istanbul. Visitors to the region can take a walk in natural areas surrounded by greenery, have a picnic and spend time alone with nature by cycling.

Mesire Yeri travel guide provides visitors with detailed information about the geographical structure, history and activities of the region. This information, which is a guide for those who want to visit the region, will be very useful when planning a trip. At the same time, the facilities and restaurants in Aydos Recreation Area also offer visitors a comfortable experience.


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