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Ephesus Ancient City is an impressive ancient city located in the Selçuk district of Izmir province of Turkey. This ancient city is on the world heritage list and offers a fascinating experience to its visitors with its thousands of years of history.

The history of the Ancient City of Ephesus dates back to B.C. It dates back to the 10th century and was occupied by many civilizations during this time. Ephesus, which bears traces from the Ancient Greek, Roman and Byzantine periods, has a fascinating atmosphere with its ancient structures that have survived to the present day.

Although this ancient city was abandoned in Late Antiquity, it was brought to light thanks to archaeological excavations. While visiting the Ancient City of Ephesus, you will experience the feeling of traveling through the dusty corridors of history. While wandering here, you can discover remarkable buildings such as the Celsus Library, which houses a large theatre.

About the Ancient City of Ephesus

Ephesus is known as a historical city located in the Izmir province of Turkey. The Ancient City of Ephesus, famous for its ruins dating back to the Roman period, has a fascinating historical and cultural heritage.

The Ancient City of Ephesus has a deep-rooted history dating back to 6000 BC. It attracts attention with its main street, theatre, library and temples. Thanks to the museum and excavations, it is possible to learn more about this ancient city. In addition, being on the UNESCO World Heritage List makes Ephesus important.

Ephesus Ancient City offers a fascinating atmosphere to its visitors. Concerts and events held in the ancient theater bring this place to life. In addition, magnificent buildings such as the Celsus Library also attract the attention of tourists. Wandering through the streets of the city allows you to have a travel experience intertwined with history.

Ephesus Ancient City Visiting Hours

The Ancient City of Ephesus is located in the Izmir province of Turkey and has a deep-rooted history. This ancient city, which has hosted different civilizations throughout history, still attracts the attention of many tourists today.

There are daily visiting hours for those who want to visit the Ancient City of Effes. Generally, the Ancient City of Ephesus is visited more frequently during the summer months. For this reason, it is important to plan visiting hours carefully. The city is open to visitors every day between 08:00 and 19:00 from April to October. These long visiting hours, which last until sunset, allow all tourists to explore the city.

There are important buildings that you will definitely want to see while visiting the Ancient City of Ephesus. These include the Celsus Library, Theater and Temple of Artemis. Each of these historical buildings will make you feel the atmosphere of the period in the ancient city. Additionally, while walking among the narrow streets of the Ancient City of Ephesus, you can come across mosaics and ancient building ruins from the Roman period.

For those who want to visit the Ancient City of Ephesus, it is important to check the visiting hours, as these hours may vary depending on the seasons. I also recommend that you carry your basic needs with you, such as comfortable shoes, water and sunscreen. Remember, traveling comfortably is one of the most important elements when exploring the historical beauties of the Ancient City of Ephesus.


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