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İstinye Park, one of the most popular shopping malls in Istanbul, offers visitors a unique shopping experience. With its modern architecture, various stores, food and beverage options and entertainment activities, İstinye Park stands out as a shopping center that appeals to all ages and tastes.

İstinye Park also attracts attention with its wide open spaces and green landscaping. Offering a pleasant atmosphere to visitors with its outdoor activities, children's playgrounds and walking paths, İstinye Park is positioned as a life center beyond shopping.

İstinye Park, whose stores include local brands as well as world brands, offers a shopping experience to suit every taste. Istinye Park, which also offers a delicious eating and drinking experience with its restaurants and cafes, offers visitors many options.

History of İstinye Park

İstinye Park is a modern complex that opened in 2007 and has become one of the most popular shopping centers in Istanbul. However, many of us may not know that this shopping center has a deep-rooted history. Built on the site of the old Istinye Military Facilities established in 1957, Istinye Park is a modern building bearing the traces of years ago.

The history of İstinye Park reflects the change from past to present. The military facilities, established in 1957, were demolished in the early 2000s and were replaced by Istinye Park. At that time, many people were surprised that this area had turned into a shopping center. However, the history of Istinye Park today shows how the modern understanding of shopping blends with the old.

Location of İstinye Park

İstinye Park is located in İstinye, one of the prestigious districts of Istanbul. This shopping center, which provides easy access to the northern districts, is located in Sarıyer district. İstinye Park is located very close to the city center and offers easy transportation.

Istinye Park's location offers visitors an ideal opportunity to enjoy nature and green areas despite being in the center of the city. Additionally, since it is located at the intersection of the Middle East and Europe, it also offers easy access for foreign tourists.

İstinye Park Shopping Experience

İstinye Park is known as one of the most popular shopping malls in Istanbul. It offers visitors many brands, as well as food, beverage and entertainment options. You can also have a pleasant time while shopping here.

İstinye Park The Mall
Malls Brand Stores
Restaurants Food & Beverage
Entertainment Bowling, Cinema

İstinye Park shopping experience offers the opportunity to shop in a modern and spacious environment, away from the crowds of the city. Additionally, if you want to relax after shopping and have a delicious meal, there are many restaurant options.

İstinye Park Food and Beverage Options

İstinye Park is one of the most important shopping and living centers of Istanbul. It also offers a unique experience to its visitors with its delicious food and drink options. Visitors who come to İstinye Park while taking a shopping break or wanting to have a special meal can choose from a wide range of restaurants and cafes.

Visitors are offered options regarding the eating and drinking experience in İstinye Park. With their rich menus and warm atmosphere, restaurants have an important place in İstinye Park's food and beverage category. In addition, various cafes and fast-food chains offer fast and practical options to visitors taking a shopping break.

Food and beverage venues in İstinye Park have a wide range of options, from world cuisines to local delicacies. In this way, visitors can choose from options that appeal to different tastes and crown their shopping experience with a delicious eating and drinking experience.

İstinye Park Entertainment Activities

Istinye Park, one of the most popular shopping and entertainment centers in Istanbul, offers many entertainment activities to visitors. There are many different entertainment options in the shopping center, from movie theaters to children's playgrounds.

There are playgrounds specially designed for children in İstinye Park. In these areas, children can have fun and spend time in a safe environment. In addition, bowling alleys and game centers within the shopping center offer an entertaining experience to visitors.

In addition, thanks to the movie theaters in İstinye Park, visitors can watch the latest movies and movies on show. After enjoying the cinema, they can eat delicious food in the restaurants and cafes of the shopping center and have a pleasant day.


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