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Ula Lake is a lake famous for its natural beauty located in Muğla province of Turkey. Ula Lake, one of Turkey's largest freshwater lakes, attracts the attention of nature lovers with its rich plant and animal life.

It is located within the borders of Ula district of Muğla. Ula Lake, one of the most important lakes of the Lakes Region, covers an area of 400 hectares. Located in a natural and sheltered area, the lake is fed by clean water resources and supports the natural life around it.

The lake is surrounded by pine forests and lush green landscapes. Here you can observe various bird species, take nature walks and relax in picnic areas. You can also fish in the lake or spend time with water sports. It offers many opportunities for both nature and sports enthusiasts.

About Ula Lake

It is an important freshwater lake located in the Büyük Menderes River basin in western Turkey. Located about 20 kilometers from Çine district, this lake is famous for its natural beauty.

The surface area of Ula Lake is approximately 16 square kilometers, and the width it reaches with the surrounding natural habitats is even more impressive. This lake is home to various bird species and is an important point of visit for nature lovers.

The water level in the lake varies seasonally. The water level, which is lower in summer, rises in spring and winter. During these periods, the vegetation around the lake also comes to life and a visually fascinating atmosphere is created.

In addition to these natural beauties, the trekking routes around it are also popular. Nature lovers can discover the beauties around the lake and have a pleasant time on the hiking trails.

It is a natural wonder that fascinates its visitors with its natural beauties and rich vegetation. Along with its natural habitats, the hiking trails around the lake offer visitors a relaxing atmosphere. Ula Lake, an indispensable place for nature lovers, leaves unforgettable memories with its fascinating views.


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