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Places to Sea near Istanbul

Istanbul, Turkey is a destination that is famous for its natural beauty. In this blog post, we will focus on some of the popular destinations near Istanbul that offer visitors a unique seaside and beach experience. Kilyos, Şile, Ağva, Şarköy, Kumburgaz, Silivri, Kumburgaz, Şile, Ağva, Şarköy, Şarköy, Kumburgaz and Silivri are perfect getaway spots for sea and nature lovers, close to Istanbul but away from the bustling crowds of the city. In this article, we’ll take a look at the characteristics of each region and give you tips on why you should visit. Get ready, we are going on a journey to these hidden paradises around Istanbul!


Kilyos is a seaside resort shown among the places where you can swim close to Istanbul. Located in the north of Istanbul, Kilyos is approximately 30 kilometers from the city center. For this reason, it is an ideal destination for those living in Istanbul where they can make a daily getaway and enjoy the sea.

Kilyos offers travelers many activities with its beautiful beaches, clean sea and wonderful nature. Here you can practice sea sports and enjoy the sun and the sea. The beaches are usually known for being crowded, but can be quieter on weekdays. With its large sandy beach, you can spend a comfortable day by renting sunbeds and umbrellas.

Kilyos is also famous for its nice cafes, restaurants and nightlife. You can try many delicious dishes while walking on the beach or along the coast. Seafood, especially fresh fish, is very popular here. While spending time in Kilyos, you can find the opportunity to relax away from the busyness of Istanbul.

Kilyos is a destination not to be missed for residents and visitors to Istanbul. If you want to take a short getaway from the city center and swim in the sea, Kilyos may be an ideal option for you.

Istanbul Şile

Şile, one of the most popular and preferred spots among the places to swim near Istanbul, is located on the Anatolian Side of Istanbul. Attracting attention with both its sea and natural beauties, Şile hosts many visitors during the summer months.

One of the most important features of Şile is its magnificent beaches. The cleanliness of its beaches and the clear sea have become indispensable for summer vacations. You can spend a peaceful day with your family or do fun water sports with your friends. While enjoying the sun and the sea on the beaches of Şile, you can relieve your stress and fatigue.

Şile is also a rich historical and cultural district. It attracts attention with its important structures such as Şile Castle, Şile Lighthouse and Şile Cloth. If you want to be fascinated by its historical atmosphere and discover the traces of the past, you can take a pleasant trip through the streets of Şile. It is also famous for its weaving products called Şile Cloth. If you want to buy a unique gift for yourself or your loved ones, you can choose Şile Cloth products.


Ağva attracts attention as a holiday destination close to Istanbul. It offers a great option for those who want to get away from the crowds and stress of Istanbul. Ağva attracts vacationers with its magnificent nature, clean sea and peaceful atmosphere.

Ağva is located at the confluence of the Black Sea and Yeşilçay River. For this reason, you can both find the opportunity to swim in the sea and take a pleasant walk by the river. The beaches on the coast are ideal for those who want to sunbathe and enjoy swimming in the cool waters.

In addition, there are many activities you can do in Ağva. It has many beautiful routes especially for those who love hiking. Ağva is full of forests and picnic areas, so you can spend a day in touch with nature. You can also join boat tours and discover the beauties of the region over the water.

There are many options for accommodation in Ağva. Agva Park Mandalin Hotel is a preferred hotel located in the center of the city and close to the sea. Ağva Dora Motel stands out as an economical option. If you want to stay with a river view, Ağva Gizemli Nehir Hotel may be an ideal choice for you. The prices of each hotel vary, so you can choose the one that suits your budget.


Şarköy is a holiday resort in the Thrace region of Turkey. It stands out especially with its proximity to Istanbul and easy access to the sea. Şarköy is located on the shores of the Marmara Sea and offers its visitors a wonderful sea vacation with its beautiful beaches.

Kaplıcalimanı Beach, one of the most famous beaches of Şarköy, attracts the attention of holidaymakers with its turquoise sea and fine sand. There is an ideal environment for sunbathing, swimming and having a pleasant time on the beach. Other beaches of Şarköy include Seymenli Beach and Kumköy Beach. These beaches are also famous for their clean and well-maintained beaches.

Şarköy attracts attention not only with its beaches, but also with its natural beauties and historical places. Natural areas such as Beylikdere Waterfall and Gallipoli Peninsula National Park are a great discovery point for nature lovers. In addition, historical sites such as the Memorial Grave Museum and Şarköy Martyrs’ Monument in Şarköy are also worth a visit.


Kumburgaz is a beautiful seaside resort close to Istanbul. Kumburgaz, which is very close to the city center, is an ideal escape for holidaymakers. This region, which has a clean sea and wide beaches, has become a popular destination for local and foreign tourists in the summer months.

There are many activities you can do in Kumburgaz. It offers a great option for those who want to sunbathe on the beaches, cool off by swimming in the sea or do water sports. You can also taste delicious seafood in the restaurants and cafes in the region and spend a peaceful holiday away from the stress of the city.

When you go to Kumburgaz, there are also many water parks such as Aqua Club Dolphin. Offering fun slides and activities, these water parks are ideal for families with children. You can also take a nice boat trip on Büyükçekmece Lake, which is close to Kumburgaz, or have a peaceful picnic in the natural beauty of Kumburgaz Nature Park.


Silivri is a district located in the west of Istanbul and has a coast to the Marmara Sea. It is a region preferred by tourists as it is among the places to swim close to Istanbul. With its unique beaches, clean sea and natural beauties, Silivri is flooded with visitors during the summer months.

The beaches in Silivri offer safe areas where families can easily swim with its sandy beach and shallow sea. It offers an environment where vacationers can relieve stress with its fresh air and peaceful atmosphere. While enjoying the sea, vacationers can also sunbathe and tan or spend time with water sports.

Silivri attracts attention with its historical and cultural values as well as sea tourism. Silivri Castle in the district is a historical building dating from the Byzantine period and offers a unique view to its visitors. In addition, the historical churches and mosques in the surrounding villages are also worth seeing.

Silivri is an ideal destination for those who want to enjoy the sea, sand and sun. Easily accessible thanks to its proximity to Istanbul, this region offers an unforgettable vacation experience. I strongly recommend you to consider Silivri when making your vacation plans. Silivri, which will fascinate you with its natural beauties and historical texture, is waiting for you to accumulate unforgettable memories.

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