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Aqua Florya Shopping Center serves both local and foreign visitors as one of the largest shopping and entertainment centers in Istanbul. This modern shopping center with sea view offers the opportunity to both shop and have a pleasant time.

Aqua Florya Shopping Center also attracts attention with its historical texture and architecture. Located on the seashore, this modern building offers its visitors the opportunity to participate in cultural and artistic events as well as shopping.

When you visit Aqua Florya Shopping Center, you can shop in different stores, enjoy delicious food and participate in fun events. There are also activities where you can have fun with your children.

History of Aqua Florya Shopping Center

It is one of the most popular shopping and entertainment centers in Istanbul. This modern building, which was put into service in 2013, attracts the attention of both local and foreign visitors. However, you may know little about the history of this magnificent shopping mall. Here's what you need to know about the history of Aqua Florya.

It is located in the Florya district on the European side of Istanbul. The foundation of this project, whose construction started in 2010, is based on the history of the region. Florya is a district located on the seaside and famous for its history. Rising in the heart of this district, Aqua Florya Avm aims to combine the historical and cultural texture of the region with modern architecture.

Being informed about the History of Aqua Florya Shopping Center will enable you to enjoy more when you visit this unique building. Additionally, learning about the historical and cultural significance of the shopping center will give you a new perspective on the history of Istanbul.

Aqua Florya Shopping Center Stores

Aqua Florya Avm is one of the most popular shopping malls in Istanbul. It offers visitors a grand shopping experience with a wide range of different stores. Aqua Florya hosts local stores as well as many famous brands.

While shopping here, you can enjoy the orderly and modern architecture of Aqua Florya Avm. Wide corridors and clean and tidy store windows make your shopping experience more enjoyable. Additionally, the security of the mall is also quite strong, which allows visitors to move around here comfortably.

The stores in Aqua Florya offer products in different categories such as clothing, shoes, electronics, cosmetics, household goods, books and toys. Thanks to this diversity, everyone can easily find products that suit their taste. You can also have the opportunity to support local businesses by shopping at local stores at Aqua Florya Shopping Mall.

Aqua Florya Shopping Center Restaurants

Aqua Florya Avm is one of the popular shopping and entertainment centers in Istanbul. Drawing attention with its sea view location, Aqua Florya offers visitors many different restaurant options.

Restaurants located in Aqua Florya Shopping Center offer delicious options from both local and international cuisine. Guests can have a pleasant time both shopping and dining here. Located by the sea, these restaurants offer their customers an unforgettable experience with their views.

Whether you want to experience fast food or fine dining, you can be sure that you can find an option that suits your taste among the restaurants in Aqua Florya Shopping Center. Additionally, restaurants usually organize different events on weekends and special days, and you can enjoy delicious food by participating in these events.

Aqua Florya Shopping Center Activities

Aqua Florya Avm; As a shopping center located by the sea and offering many shopping opportunities, it not only offers shopping but also hosts different events. Aqua Florya provides pleasant and entertaining moments to its visitors with the events organized by it.

Aqua Florya Shopping Center, where different events are held every season, hosts many activities such as open-air concerts, street theaters and children's activities during the summer months. It also offers its visitors unforgettable moments with Christmas events and winter-themed activities during the winter months.

With the events organized by Aqua Florya Shopping Center, visitors can both enjoy shopping and have fun. Thanks to Aqua Florya's rich event calendar, it is possible to find an event that appeals to every taste and age group.

Aqua Florya Shopping Center Visitor Comments

It stands out as one of the most popular shopping and entertainment centers in Istanbul. It is appreciated by visitors with its unique location, wide range of shops and restaurants, impressive events and magnificent views. In this article, we will examine the experiences and comments of those who visited Aqua Florya Shopping Center.

Many visitors state that Aqua Florya Shopping Center has a great atmosphere due to its location on the seashore. In addition, the large event area where open-air events and concerts are held is highly appreciated by visitors. The wide product range of the stores located inside the center also ensures the satisfaction of shopping enthusiasts.

In general, Aqua Florya Shopping Mall visitors state that they are satisfied with its friendly and helpful staff, clean and tidy environment, and quality restaurant and cafe options. If you are planning to visit Aqua Florya Shopping Center, it is possible that these positive comments will inspire you too.


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