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Izmir Clock Tower is a historical building that has become the symbol of Izmir. It is located in Konak Square, one of the busiest and most important points of the city. The Clock Tower was built in 1901 and is a work from the Ottoman period. This historical building is a monument reflecting the history and culture of Izmir.

Izmir Clock Tower has a very impressive appearance with its height of 25 meters. The tower, made of white marble, is one of the most striking structures in the region. The clock on it is in working order and attracts attention with the music that plays every hour.

Izmir Clock Tower is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the city. The tower, which attracts great attention from local and foreign tourists, also attracts attention with the panoramic view it offers. It is a preferred spot to watch the surroundings from the tower and discover the beauties of Izmir.

About Izmir Clock Tower

Izmir Clock Tower is one of the most important symbols of the city. This tower, which has served as the symbol of Izmir for years, is located in Konak Square. It is a point that attracts the attention of visitors with its unique design and historical value. The tower was built during the Ottoman period and has been the symbol of Izmir ever since.

Izmir Clock Tower is a tower that is 25 meters high. The clock in the tower has a design similar to traditional Ottoman clocks. The clock tower is a point visited by tourists and locals because it has a structure that reflects the historical texture of the city. The clock in the tower, in addition to showing the time of the city, is also important as a historical symbol.


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