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Kemeraltı Bazaar is located in the Kalburabastı district of Izmir and has served as the center of trade since the 16th century. This bazaar is known as one of the oldest and largest covered markets in Izmir.

Kemeraltı Bazaar has a historical texture and an impressive atmosphere. You may feel like you are traveling in time here, with its narrow streets, colorful shops and various tradesmen. Each shop has a wide range of products, from handicrafts to textiles, from jewelry to souvenirs.

While wandering here, you can discover the beauties of historical buildings, mosques and fountains. Kızlaragası Inn, one of the most famous buildings in the bazaar, is a building dating from the Ottoman period and is now full of restaurants and shops. You can sit in various cafes, have a drink and feel the energy of the bazaar.

While visiting the bazaar, you can have a rich historical and cultural experience. You may find yourself taking a step into Izmir's past.

Kemeraltı Bazaar is one of the most famous tourist spots in Izmir and attracts many local and foreign visitors every year. If you ever come to Izmir, I recommend you to visit this historical and colorful bazaar. Here you can shop, try local flavors and discover the historical texture of Izmir. Kemeraltı Bazaar is definitely one of the attractions of Izmir.

About Kemeraltı Bazaar

Kemeraltı Bazaar is one of the most historical and important bazaars in Izmir. It is famous for hosting many historical buildings and its rich trade history. Located in the heart of Izmir, this bazaar is an important tourist spot that attracts the attention of local and foreign tourists.

Kemeraltı Bazaar was founded in the 17th century during the Ottoman period. At that time, the bazaar served as a trade center and even today it operates as a place where trade is lively. There are many shops, restaurants, cafes and antique stores in the bazaar. It is a great place to walk, shop and explore historical buildings.

Kemeraltı Bazaar has a rich historical and cultural heritage. While walking on the stone streets of the bazaar, you can see many buildings from the Ottoman period. These include historical fountains, mosques and inns. Every corner of the bazaar tells a story steeped in history.

Kemeraltı Bazaar Visiting Hours

It offers many different shops and cultural venues for visitors. Whether you are a local or a foreign visitor, what are the best times to visit and explore Kemeraltı Bazaar?

Kemeraltı Bazaar usually opens early in the morning and closes late in the evening. Although the bazaar is open every day of the week, some businesses may be closed on Mondays. So if you're planning to visit the market on Mondays, it might be a good idea to check ahead to make sure businesses are open.

Going to Kemeraltı Bazaar early can help you avoid the crowds. You will see that the bazaar is quiet and calm in the morning hours. Also, if you want to explore the bazaar and explore all the shops, choosing the morning hours may be a good option. However, the market is more lively and lively in the afternoon hours. There are more visitors in the market during these hours and most of the shops are open.

Kemeraltı Bazaar can be quite crowded, especially on Saturdays and Sundays. It is one of the favorite visiting spots of local people and weekend tourists from Izmir. If you do not like crowded environments, it may be quieter to visit the market on weekdays. Also, if you are planning to go to the market in the summer months, it may be difficult to spend time outside at noon due to the hot weather and intense sun. Therefore, it is important to choose comfortable and light clothing when visiting the market.

Days Visiting Hours
Monday Closed
Tuesday - Saturday 09:00 - 19:00
Sunday 10:00 - 18:00


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