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Konak Square is located in the center of Izmir and is one of the most important squares of the city. The square took its name from the Konak Clock Tower located on it. This square, which has become the symbol of Izmir, has many historical and cultural significance. Konak Square, visited by thousands of local and foreign tourists every day, reflects the lively atmosphere and history of Izmir in the best way.

The area around the square is home to many important buildings. While there is the historical and impressive Izmir Clock Tower on one side, there is Kemeraltı Bazaar on the other side. In addition to these historical and commercial buildings around the square, there are also many restaurants, cafes and shopping malls. You can taste the unique flavors of Izmir and shop in these places, each decorated in different styles.

The first building you see when you enter is the famous Konak Clock Tower. This clock tower, 25 meters high, belongs to the Ottoman period and has become the symbol of Izmir. By climbing the tower, you can see the magnificent view of Izmir from a bird's eye view. Additionally, the museum located under the clock tower is one of the important stops to visit.

Another important building in Konak Square is Kemeraltı Bazaar. Kemeraltı, the oldest and largest bazaar in Izmir, hosts colorful and historical shops. You can find and shop many different products here. While wandering around Kemeraltı, you can enjoy the historical texture and enjoy wandering around the streets of old Izmir.

About Konak Square

Konak Square is one of the most famous squares in Izmir. This square is located in the center of the city and hosts many historical and touristic points. The square takes its name from the Konak Clock Tower on it. This tower has become the symbol of Izmir and is one of the most important symbols of the square.

Konak Mansion is one of the most important historical buildings here. This waterside residence is a historical house built in the 19th century and today serves as a museum. Located close to the square, Izmir Bay offers a beautiful view to visitors.

Konak Square also hosts many different businesses such as shopping malls, restaurants and cafes. Therefore, this place stands out not only with its historical and cultural importance, but also with its social activities. Various events and festivals held in the square also offer an enjoyable experience for visitors who come here.

Konak Square, where different events are held

Konak Square is a place worth visiting in every season. Considering Izmir's climate, more activities are organized here, especially in spring and summer. Concerts, exhibitions and other artistic events often take place in the square. Various sports events, dance shows and children's activities are also organised.

In addition, there are also traditional markets in Konak Square. Open-air markets, especially held on Fridays and Mondays, attract the attention of local and foreign tourists. There are many different products here, such as fresh fruits, vegetables, clothing and handicrafts.

In general, Konak Square is one of the most important squares in Izmir with its historical and cultural importance. It is a must-visit spot for both local and foreign tourists. The events, historical buildings and markets held here offer visitors an unforgettable experience.


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